Friday, 28 May 2010

If you look closely you’ll see a baby kangaroo in the feed bucket

Today, the weather being pretty darned good, we took a trip out through the back of the wardrobe and entered a magical land where some of the bushes were decked out in multicoloured candy – look on the right up above the rocks

And where miniature kangaroos were in charge of public transport, except the one in the bucket who was doing something else

But as kangaroos are no good at timetabling, we had to walk. We didn’t mind because the sun was out and kept us warm. That is, until we reached the sinister tangled trees and had to run for our lives.

No kangaroos in sight now, of course, but thankfully we reached the wise old tree

Who gave us a very stern glare but directed us to the bluebell wood where we found our way back home.

And lived happily ever after – natch.


  1. Okay, so where was this magical land, and what have you been drinking/smoking/taking, Penny?

  2. These are very beautiful pics of forests as these pics are showing kangaroos and baby kangaroos.

  3. It's Leonardslee in Sussex but in another few weeks it will close because the new owner (mystery rich person) wants it for a private garden. Great shame.

  4. Well, I hope he keeps the roo in the bucket. I would if it were my garden. Although, not sure what dogs would think about that. Actually, they'd prolly keep the roo in the bucket too.

  5. I guess Leonardslee is now closed to the public? If anyone knows differently, let me know.