Monday, 20 December 2010

Trees turned to into an ice forest

They are old enough to have seen this weather before but this close to the coast it’s unusual to have so much snow or such a hard frost.

Recognisable trees, but only a day ago, recognisable grass too. Snow smoothes it all out.


The pampas grass looks disgruntled but it's still standing.  The clumps at the end of the drive thwack the windscreens of any cars that pass and if anyone is careless enough to drive past with the window open, the grass arms reach inside and flap about releasing a shower of snow.  I'm yet to get a photo of that, but live in hope.


  1. Beautiful photos, Penny. Love the first one especially.

  2. Amazing, isn't it? I've never seen such thick frost on trees this close to the coast. These are out in the back of beyond but I've just uploaded some from the town centre that are equally amazing in their own way. I just wish I was a better photographer and had a better camera.