Sunday, 27 February 2011

A crocus fest at Lilac Tree

Including white ones with halos. I’ve never seen anything like it. It isn’t the camera. Or if it is, it’s my eyes too.
The snowdrop battalion still marches down the garden
But crocuses – or croci if you prefer – are out in all colours.
It’s not just snowdrops and crocus. The winter pansies are holding their own
Along with these things – the ones whose name I can never remember – something-anthemum I think.
The daffodils are poised too.
We are not free of the threat of snow which would not be good news, yet they come back in greater numbers every year so maybe we shouldn’t worry.


  1. Polyanthus! And I think it is a combination of light and camera.

  2. Ah! Polyanthus. Thank you. I was going nowhere with my -anthumum theory.
    And it could be Spring magic.