Thursday, 18 August 2011

Nominee for Worst Idea of the Week Award

The idea: that Snowball, young H’s new hamster, would love to have an hour in the small hen run on the lawn.

Turned out to be a hole in both the idea and the run.  Didn’t spot it until going to check up on him.  Too small a gap for a hen to squeeze through but a breeze for an adventurous hamster.  Feared it might mean a trip to the pet shop for a lookalike, but spotted him in the flower bed under the crab apple tree.

G said later he thought I was weeding (as if).  I was rugby tackling a hamster in amongst the lobelia.  He’s safely back in custody now.

1 comment:

  1. Its like an episode from Colditz! The bold escapee makes it as far as the crab apple trees with careful use of his Yorkshire phrase book only to be spotted and recaptured.
    Watch out for a wooden horse appearing somewhere on your lawns over the next week.