Sunday, 4 December 2011

La Scala short story competition shortlist and prize presentation

The prize presentation has been delayed to the New Year but the shortlisted entrants will be notified before Christmas.

La Scala Studios had planned to run the prize presentation for their 2011 short story competition to coincide with a local East Yorkshire Dengie qualifier and puissance competition in December. However, because of a problem at the venue, the qualifier has had to be delayed into the New Year and is now expected to be held in February. The competition organisers have taken the decision to delay the prize presentation and to hold it at the same event as the delayed qualifier, unless there should be a further delay, in which case the prize presentation will be held as a separate event at a different venue.

All shortlisted entrants will be notified before Christmas and details of the prize presentation will follow as soon as they are confirmed.

Anyone wanting further information or clarification, please leave a comment on this blog and it will be answered here.


  1. Does notified before Christmas mean that the shortlisted authors will get to know before Christmas?

  2. Possibly not. If we have your email address, you will probably get to know before Christmas. If we have to contact you by post, the letter might not arrive until after Christmas. The letters and emails are being prepared now and will go out over the next 4 or 5 days.
    Why does it take so long?
    As the judge, I have no idea who the contestants are. The entries are numbered and I provide the numbers to the competition organiser. These will be double and triple checked to make sure that the letters and emails go to the right people. We want to be absolutely sure that we don't tell someone they have been shortlisted for a prize when they haven't.

  3. Have the letters gone out yet?

  4. Yes, everyone who sent an email address should have received an email explaining about the delayed presentation.
    Anyone who did not send an email address amd who has been shortlisted has been sent a letter through the post. Because of Christmas, these letters might not arrive before Christmas

  5. Any news of a date for the dengie yet and where is the dengie qualifier held? Thanks

  6. Arrangements are just being finalised. It will be weekend of the 18th Feb in Tickton, East Yorkshire. Invitations will be going out this weekend.