Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bright sunshine to a violent hailstorm and back again in 10 minutes

It just doesn’t feel like British weather but I expect we say that every year. And it is April. April showers and all that. However, we went from bright sunshine...

... to a violent hail storm with ear-splitting thunder - the garden was white over for a while, the hail stayed on the roof, until the storm turned to torrential rain and then passed on all within a few minutes.

It made the Jawbone Gang walk very muddy. The boots accumulate mud so you get taller and taller the further you go.

No sinister finds this time.

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  1. Nice pics, Penny. The weather is really contrary at present. We were on a viewpoint, overlooking Porlock (Somerset)last week and Valerie was getting icecream from the van up there. Suddenly, as I was taking pictures, a storm blew up and showered us with hail and, five minutes later, we had a full rainbow between land and sea. Amazing.