Wednesday, 19 February 2014

This is not a tree

It looks like a tree. It has green leaves and a wooden trunk and it stands tall. We've watched it grow over several years. It seems to thrive though it’s a bit of a puzzle where all that greenery gets its nutrients. And it’s definitely not a tree, though that isn't obvious from the photo.

It’s an abandoned telegraph pole covered in ivy.


  1. Don't tell the EA or they'll declare it a thrush friendly environment and all humans will be evacuated to a flood zone

  2. Eek, good point. Mind you, this being 'up north' and not 'down south' the EA tends not to look. Actually that's a bit unfair. The EA had comprehensive flood protection plans in place, agreed and funded (including for Somerset) post the 2007 floods. All funding was quietly cut in Osborne's disastrous austerity for people who aren't rich Tories programme. Now they're having to spend as much on stopgap measures.
    Well, not even a tree and it's sparked a mini political rant.