Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Yorkshire coast is amazing

We went to Scarborough on Thursday.  Just look how packed it is.  The town is a wonderful mix of old and new, with a vibrant shopping centre.

The sea front was packed too, though the crowds thinned out a bit towards the far end of the north bay.

And if you don't like crowds, just climb.  We went up to the castle and ate lunch looking out over the bay. 

On the way back down, we visited Ann Bronte's grave.  The grave stones are not in bad shape considering the battering they must get in the sea air.  It's a lovely hillside setting.

My kingdom for a horse?


  1. I've always had mixed feelings about Scarborough. Brought up on the same coast, I've always had an affinity with and love of the sea, but Scarborough seems a little too large for me. I like your take on it. I must go back and take a new look. Thanks for this.

  2. For years I prefered Filey. We used to go there for days out when small. That ENORMOUS sandy beach and all the rock pools. But Scarborough has grown on me, though I still have a real soft spot for Filey.