Tuesday 5 October 2010

Fay Weldon at the Pavilion Theatre yesterday

Novelist, screenwriter, playwright and the list could fill the page... Fay Weldon was in conversation with writer and journalist Andrew G Marshall.  The journey from East Yorkshire to Brighton doesn’t stand against the great journeys of the world, but was no picnic with there being a Tube strike in London.  None the less, it was well worth the struggle.  A great evening.

Sunday 3 October 2010

Where does such a level of optimism come from?

Sometimes it isn’t a matter of optimism, it’s just common sense. And where does that go when you need it most?

We said to each other only the other day the leak in the glass roof had cured itself. Cured itself, note. Not that we have done something to the roof that might have cured the leak.

And then we leave a heap of clean clothes on a chair right under where the leak used to be. We don’t even go and check until the downpour has been raging for a couple of hours.

Yeah, well... it's fairly obvious where this tale is heading.  And at least the grapevine is thriving.