Thursday 3 June 2021

Bright new day, bright new tech - and a problem I didn't know I had

Image by Michael Schwarzenberger

If you follow my blog by email, you will receive this via a different route from before. By the wonders of technology you won't notice the change; though things might be a little slicker. I've swapped to which is a great new system built for both readers and writers of blogs on all manner of platforms. I recommend that you check out the link and see what it can do. I'd never heard of until it was recommended to me. I had a look and was impressed.

This process has highlighted a problem I didn't realise I had. My followers weren't all people. 

Image by Marc B

I found hundreds of dodgy emails, and I had no option but to remove all addresses from my followers list. 

That leaves me with a concern that I might have thrown overboard someone with a legitimate outlook address. If you followed me with an email address and have suddenly stopped getting notifications, please let me know and I'll throw you a lifebelt and bring you back on board. You could just sign up again using the new gizmo - top right of the page - but I'd rather know so that I can say sorry and maybe send you a book.