My Books



Death By Column Inches is set in the north of England in the 1990s. It features a group of schoolchildren from a failing inner-city school who become embroiled in the tangled agendas behind a local murder trial.

The Annie Raymond mystery series & the Webber and Ahmed police procedurals

The first 3 books: Like False Money, The Jawbone Gang and The Doll Makers were reissued in 2019 as a trilogy, Falling into Crime.

Where There’s Smoke is book 4 in the Annie series.

Buried Deep is book 5 in the Annie series and also book 1 in the Martyn Webber & Ayaan Ahmed police procedural series.

Tiger Blood is book 6, a sequel to Buried Deep, and follows the fortunes of Webber and Ahmed.

Syrup Trap City is book 7 in the Annie series and also features Det Sergeant Ayaan Ahmed.

Boxed In is the 8th book in the series.

Children’s fantasy written under the name Melodie Trudeaux

Horse of a Different Colour – children’s fantasy.

Horse of the Same Colour – sequel to Horse of a Different Colour.

The 93-E Contradiction – science-fiction. Also available as an audio short read by Penelope McDonald

Writing Guides

How to be a Fantastic Writer is an expanded and updated version of the book first published as The Writers’ Toolkit.

Writing a Textbook: how to establish yourself as an academic author.


Software Maintenance: concepts and practice is the updated 2nd edition of Software Maintenance: concepts and practice.