Saturday 18 January 2014

The sequel to Valentine’s 2013

Last year G, missing the point about hearts, flowers and St Valentine, had a heart attack on Valentine’s Day necessitating a journey through the NHS recorded here.  

It is not quite a year ago, but anyway it was time for the annual check-up. He has been declared fully fit and discharged from the system.

 To celebrate, we had fish for lunch.

And later joined the folks at Fantastic Books Publishing to celebrate the successful launch of their audio division.

Thursday 16 January 2014

Today I was a leg and my name was Rose

And no better start to the working day than to relax on a very comfortable hospital bed. Somehow you usually don’t notice the comfort, but that’s because usually being in a hospital bed means being in a hospital with all the implications that brings. But I was just a leg.

I shared the ward with an alarmed looking plastic dummy.

Probably he didn't approve of mixed wards. And to be fair he had more to be alarmed about than I did. I was just a leg to be bandaged. It was a bit odd to be called Rose, and even odder to have to refer to a crib sheet when asked a question such as, ‘How are you?’ but it was very comfortable and I could easily have nodded off.

But even clinical skills exams have to come to an end, and especially those overseen by two efficient examiners who won my approval straight away by offering breakfast and hot drinks.

If it weren't for having to catch up on the work that didn't get done, I’d happily start every day with a couple of hours dozing on a hospital bed.