Friday, 12 March 2010

Rare first editions available

By a very creative stretch of the imagination, I have discovered two sources of rare first editions. First is La Scala Studios in East Yorkshire and the second is Camden Lock Books each of whom have a few copies left of the first edition of Like False Money which is now being reprinted as it sold out in under a fortnight. I’m amazed, gobsmacked and extremely pleased. I haven’t even done all my planned signings yet. It’s not stretching the imagination to say that the first edition is now a rare find, it’s the implication behind it that these are therefore valuable books that I have to come clean about. They might be valuable books one day. I hope so. But it would be stretching the imagination to breaking point to recommend them as good investments. At present I can recommend them simply as a good read. And the second edition is on its way.
I know Camden Lock Books takes telephone orders, (020) 7253 0666. I’m not sure about online selling. La Scala might need an e-mail, but they’re planning to set up online sales for the 2nd edition.

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