Saturday, 17 April 2010

Marsh Marigolds in Season

Not to be outdone by Postcards from Sussex, here are our Easst Yorshire marsh marigolds.

The garden is very warm and peaceful today. Even out here where we’re out of range of main roads, railways and airports, the lack of planes in the sky has made a difference. The sky is a lovely smooth blue – no vapour trails, and none of that background drone of planes high above. And certainly none of the racket of military aircraft either screaming over at chimney pot height or practising acrobatics so high up that only the outline of the aircraft is visible.

This morning unexpectedly we had two planes over. We all rushed out to look. The first was a tiny thing with propellers flying low and presumably in no danger from volcanic dust. The other was a jet that left a single white trail across the sky. As far as we could see its engines didn’t cough to a standstill and we hope it made it safely to wherever it was going.

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