Thursday 13 May 2010

We’re having a flood fest

Not the event planned for this week. Minor plumbing job pulled a seal loose in the big shower. Didn’t realise until water began coming to earth via an armchair downstairs. Then the little shower joined in. The cold tap in the bath wouldn’t work – not a flood but hoped it might be the third in the sequence. Real temptation to get the old tin bath in front of an open fire, but the old tin bath had concrete mixed in it years ago and we don’t have open fires any more – can’t do with all the hassle and ash. The third leak came along. It was in the roof.

Incongruous in this weather to have pots, pans and buckets all over the place catching water.

D, having repaired the roof (again) now doing rain dances so the repair can be tested. So far we’ve seen nothing of the forecast showers. The weather’s glorious and currently revving up for another beautiful day.

The up side of the flood fest is that we will now have plumbing that works (as opposed to works if you have the knack) in time for the wedding. There’s a statement to tempt fate.

The hens don't care about leaks.  I mention this to tag a photo. 

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