Monday 18 July 2011

To eat or not to eat...

First sighting of a puffball at LTF coincides with the camera screwing up so it has been sitting there for two days now – see all the bite marks?  Not ours. Despite always saying we’d eat puffballs because they can’t be mistaken for anything else, we’re not mushroom-pickers by nature and found ourselves wondering if it was something else, something deadly.

However, we can find solace in the blueberries in their first year under cover (hard luck, feathered friends, these are ours)

and the pears that are on their way – first year of fruiting for this tree.  Gravity-defying fruit by the looks of it.  I forgot to flip the picture before uploading it.

We don’t eat these, but neither did the slugs this year.

 And we won’t eat these if they grow up to give us eggs.

And on the subject of first crop, these aren’t doing so badly and if they ripen, we might end up drinking them.


  1. wise decision - too many people on the liver transplant queue!

  2. Yes, have you read the sad story of the guy who wrote The Horse Whisperer? The garden looks lovely, by the way.

  3. Good grief, I had no idea. I've never had the courage to eat wild mushrooms - not since M unavailable to have initial taste and declare them safe.