Monday 28 November 2011

The long arm of the law tackles author crime in Hull

Signing books in WH Smith, Prospect Centre, Hull is a dodgy business, especially when someone tips off the authorities that it is crime from cover to cover.

Annie Raymond, PI heroine of the three paperbacks just out, would have anticipated this and made provision. For the author, no such option. With store manager, Adam, having done a great 3-book deal, the books flew off the table and I signed with ever greater care. It's a strange phenomenon that once you sign your own name again and again, you start first to forget how to spell it and then to have doubts over what it actually is.

For an author, there is no better place to sit and sign books than WH Smith, Prospect Centre, Hull. It's a busy hub, an amazing store and fascinating just to watch the crowds come and go.

Store manager, Adam, runs a bustling book shop in trying economic times, for which he deserves a medal. He is also well known as a supporter of local authors, whose books sell well from his shelves. Sales at this signing broke previous records, which is exactly the result we were all looking for.


  1. Great book display here! And they're doing 3 books for £15. It's a gem of a store.

  2. Are the books still available? I hear that you're there again on Sat 17th, is that right? What time will you be there? Will you be signing again or just chatting?

    Sorry for so many questions but I'm a big fan and I missed you in the Prospect Centre, Hull last time 'cos I turned up at the time of the Beverley signing. Oops.

  3. Unless they're sold out, and I'm not expecting that to happen this time, there will be books and an author and a signing pen. And always happy to chat.