Monday 3 February 2014

Secret weather report from the north east

Sunday 2nd February 2014 and a sunny walk on the beach. I need to date it or I might not believe it was really that sunny, but it was. Not exactly shirt sleeves weather and no one was in swimming but it was a lovely sunny, dry day.

Listening to the national news is like tuning in to the wrong country – all those storms and floods. Mind you, when we were under water after last year’s storm surge, the national news was much the same in terms of coming from a far off land – a passing mention of sea levels worse than the great flood of 1953 and a list of places south of Watford that escaped the storm.

Anyway, the latest secret weather report from the north east is sunshine.


  1. Yes, its been sunny down here on the South Coast, for all the flooding. I have been able to sit out on the balcony doing my studying, in summer attire, and get a bit of sun on my arms and legs. In mid December. Its a bit colder now, but nothing like it should be. More rain on the way apparently

  2. An unusual and prolonged run of storms from the Atlantic, a Jet Stream that's shifted noticeably off its normal course. Could it be Climate Change? Greenpeace warned of these changes way back in the 1980s, when I first joined the organisation. No one listened, of course. Perhaps they will now?
    But I'm glad you, at least, got some good weather, penny. Just a few miles inland it was too cool to walk without proper winter protection; but you have the advantage of the North Sea, of course.

  3. Yes, I think one would have to have head very deep in all that sand that's being washed away not to notice changes to the climate. And I see the poor folks down south and south west are still inundated with more to come. Would it be inappropriately cynical of me to comment on the speed with which the army and navy were called in once the flood risk reached Berkshire and Surrey?