Thursday 31 October 2019

Enervation: book 3 in the Shadeward series (and yes, there is going to be a book 4)

Enervation (Shadeward Book 3)Enervation by Drew Wagar
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Enervation is the 3rd in Drew Wagar's Shadeward series. A must-read for anyone who has been following the stories since book 1. If you haven't read the earlier books, I recommend that you get them and read them in order. You won't lose the adventure and excitement if you read out of order, but the drama will have much more depth for knowing how the characters developed and what shaped them.

Kiri and Zoella remain key players, as do the crew of the Mobilis. In this book strands come together in ways that are surprising and dramatic, but satisfyingly inevitable once all the pieces settle together. No spoilers - it's hard to know quite what to write about a 3rd book without giving away anything to spoil the reading of the earlier two - but this book, like the rest, is very cleverly constructed. And it is hard science-fiction throughout. You can find yourself forgetting that as the story unfolds through the eyes of the different characters.

The main thing though is that the story will pick you up and sweep you along from start to finish. I was very pleased to learn that there will be a book 4.

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