Sunday, 24 January 2010

The wedding fair

It’s a damp grey day to start a blog, but it’s bright enough outside and the hens have started laying, so they think winter’s over.

D and G went to a wedding fair today. Just to get ideas they said. We’re hosting the whole thing here. The fair turned out to be a huge crowd in a tiny room, no clue what was going on. They asked the people at the back but they had no idea either.

The receptionist suggested they fight through the crowd to ‘ask the women with buckets’. Instead, D stood on tiptoe and peered over the massed heads. Three trestle tables, motley collection of anonymous stuff, something going on, but impossible to tell what. The three women with buckets turned out to be from the charity that had organised the event (loosest sense of the word organise) and were insisting on a quid per person from anyone who ventured near.

D and G took the view that you can get in the finest of wedding fairs for free, and they had no interest in seeing what you got for a quid. So they left, had lunch in subway and bought a suit at H&M.

D tried on the suit to show us. Then we persuaded George to put his on too. They look like a pair of gangsters. No one will dare make trouble at this wedding.


  1. Ho ho! G in a suit looking like a gangster. It'll fit well with The Jawbone Gang. Can I come to take pictures?
    Like yours on this blog.


  2. I hope they have suitable hats. And shades. Does that make you a moll?

  3. Rats! I've followed you using the wrong wotsit. Oh, well...