Saturday 30 January 2010

La Scala organisers go mad

Organisers of La Scala short story competition go wild. Sponsorship from tea bags to baseball caps; insurance to polo lessons. Hard cash too.

At £200 for first prize, it’s going to attract quite an entry. I said I’d blog about it, but I doubt I’ll be noticed under the avalanche of publicity and events they are putting on.

I nearly blogged on serious topics today, having caught the news earlier, but when it gets to the point, I just don’t want to. I deal with the serious stuff in the day jobs (well, some of the day jobs) and blogging time is for trivia and the lighter side of life.

There’s an easy conclusion to draw there – that those who blog the serious stuff spend their work hours on trivia, but that’s clearly not the case. Easy conclusions are all too easy to draw. People do it all the time. Far easier than objective thinking.

My experience leads me to hypothesise that those who work in suits go to special events in jeans and vice versa, but there’s nothing there from which to extrapolate into blogging serious stuff or not.

La Scala and its competition – unashamed trivia – is linked from my home page.

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