Thursday, 24 January 2013

#justimagine Author Polly Robinson on Fusion and ‘the most helpful editing process I’ve come across yet’

My interviewee is author, Polly Robinson, who had two stories shortlisted in the Fantastic Books Publishing fantasy / sci-fi short story competition and both of them made it into the anthology. Polly is a member of Worcester Writers’ Circle, Worcestershire Literary Festival, Parole Parlate and 42. Polly’s writing CV is impressive. Her work has already appeared in many anthologies including the Survivor’s Guide to Bedlam; Reflections on a Blue Planet: Earth – Water – Sky and Reflections on a Blue Planet: Nature’s Palette, Ripples: Friends in Verse, and Eerie Digest.

Polly heard that her stories were shortlisted when Fantastic Books Publishing announced the shortlist. ‘I was delighted,’ she says. ‘I hoped that my stories would hold up to scrutiny, but you are never quite sure, so it was great to see two of my stories in the shortlist.’

And what was her motivation to enter? ‘Well, without wishing to seem mercenary, the cash prizes were kind of an added incentive - I might have entered anyway, but we’ll never know now J (!)’

Polly saw it as a definite positive to be published alongside international award winners, Danuta Reah and Stuart Aken. Asked about the process of working with the Fantastic Books Publishing editorial team on her stories to prepare them for publication, she says, ‘This was probably the most helpful process I’ve come across yet. I was impressed by the quality of the editing.’ The end result she thought was some ‘nicely tightened up text.’

When Polly is asked what she would recommend to a long-haul passenger wishing to lose themselves in a compelling tale, she recommends The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.

I’m surprised to learn that Polly’s current writing project is not something aimed at another anthology, but a 2000-word assignment for her Open University creative writing course and that ‘~ it’s going … slowly.’

Don’t let it delay you for too long, Polly. Your fans want more like Dust to Dust and The Changeling.

You can find out more about Polly and her writing on her blog or on her  Facebook page or  Facebook profile
Find her first poetry collection, Girl’s Got Rhythm, here in ebook or paperback
and Six Small Beasties a small book of poetry for children also in ebook or paperback.


  1. Polly is an inspiration on a daily basis - I follow her on WordPress and her output is quite incredible. As something of a novice when it comes to writing poetry I just about manage to hang onto her coattails by my fingernails. She deserves to be widely read.

  2. Polly is such a talented writer. She got me reading poetry, something I never thought possible. :)

  3. I couldn't agree more, Andy and Carrie. Polly is a really talented writer and I'm sure her stories in Fusion have deservedly increased her fan base.

  4. I love Polly's work - she is an amazing writer and poet. Looking forward to many more publications :)

  5. Polly is an inspiration to many, through her own writing (which is wonderful) and through her kind and patient encouragement of others. I love her work

    1. I knew Polly wasn't a one-genre writer when I saw her stories for Fusion - both very good and very different. In the interview I realised how much wider her writing talent went. Great to hear that her writing is an inspiration to others.

  6. Oh my ... I'm redder than a beetroot ~ thank you so much for your kind words ~ and thanks for following my blog ~ you all know how much I value your comments.