Sunday 21 February 2010

Great stapler scam

Phone scams as old as phones I suppose. Padlock a clear message. But why is a Twitter scam warning also illustrated with a stapler?

Ah yes, I remember the great stapler scam of the 1960s. No one with an office desk was safe. The scammers got in using Trojans and viruses. It was chaos, what with the technology we had then. All those giant wooden horses jamming the corridors. All that coughing and sneezing. Everyone knew someone who’d had their thumb stapled to a desk top.

Those were the days when we talked of the imminence of the paperless office and shorter working hours. But still, if it weren’t for optimism, we wouldn’t have progress. Ludicrous optimism at that – we’ve lived underwater for millennia, but hey, let’s try climbing out and breathing air ... if we pull bits of fur out of this animal and tangle them up, they’ll make a long thread and if we tie the long thread into a really complicated knot, we’ll end up with a pullover ... etc. Beautifully random and in the grand scheme of things it works so well.

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