Thursday 11 February 2010

My book is out there

Wow, my book is on the front page of the publisher's website. If someone hadn't mentioned it, I'd never have thought to look. It's been popping up in all sorts of places for a few weeks now. Initially, it kept appearing on financial websites or those 'Guard against fraud' type sites. All because it's called Like False Money. I can't believe I never saw that interpretation of the title, but I truly didn't. I was using the comparison with the way counterfeit money gets into circulation and is then tendered in good faith by honest people. Now I'm worried about people buying it expecting to learn how to protect their assets from fraudulent transactions. Well, not that worried if I'm honest (which I am). More of a worry is noone buying it because then I might not sell number 3.
Anyway, it's up there on Hale's front page


  1. Wonderful news, and my copy has arrived from Hales. I can't recall if you mentioned its actual launch date. Looked at Goodreads? Perhaps we need to look together!


  2. Mine is on order. Very chuffed for you and looking forward to reading it.